McDonalds - 2008

LATEST NEWS: This years game is over, with more winners then ever before. We'll sure you'll be playing next year.


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Chat with other McDonalds Monopoly players.

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McDonalds Monopoly - A Website For The UK 2008 Game


Welcome to the 2008 site for McDonalds Monopoly. This website will have a page to tell you what the rare tokens are, this years prizes and much more. We also have a forum where you can talk with the thousands of other token hunters. Click here to visit the forums.

Latest News

1st June 08 - Another year is over. Cheers for playing, and well done to those who won!

19th March 08 - The 2008 McDonalds Monopoly game begins! McDonalds sales are sure to increase as people will flock to the restaurant for food, and not go home for their meals, as everyone wants as many chances as possible to find that all import Mayfair token. Why? Oh yeah, its worth £500k!

Please post your stories how your trying to get as many tokens as possible on the forum!