McDonalds - 2008

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How To Win


We cant tell you how to win, but we can advise you on how to play!

1. By buying qualifying products. They are Medium and Large Fries, Medium and Large Drinks, Chicken Selects (3 and 5 piece), Chicken Legend (Cool Mayo and Spicy Tomato Salsa), Deli Sandwiches, Premium Salads and Regular and Large Hot Drinks.

2. Instant Wins. Peel and reveal an instant win prize icon (see example). For food instant win prizes simply take the game sticker to any McDonald's restaurant and present the sticker before placing your order. For non-food instant win prizes follow the instructions on the game sticker.

3. Collecting. Collect each property game sticker in the same colour group or all 4 stations. Stick them to your game board to win the prize shown for that colour. How to collect: To remove, pull down along perforations on your game sticker(s).
Crack and peel backing at top to expose adhesive. Place game sticker(s) on corresponding ‘property’ space(s) or station(s) to collect and win.


4. HMV Vouchers. Just peel it off and stick it to your game board, cut it off and hand it in to any UK HMV member of staff.